History of our school

The Consult is the brainchild of Ekow Aikins, an immensely talented motivator, who forged the idea in the year 2005. The Consult currently has a staff capacity of ten well-versed and dedicated instructors.

Dedication to duty is a primary requirement for our tutors, resulting in the very best educational experience.

This organization believes in the power of working as a unit,each component complementing the other.

We have been in the business of teaching Standardized tests as well as preparing students for other external entrance exams for over 17 years.


Impacting lifes since 2005.

From very humble beginnings, with hard work and discipline, our organization aims at placing students into highly rated colleges. We achieve this by helping them attain the required grades.

Although the grades are important, the consult also instills in students the right attitude for educational excellence beyond their exams.

Our facilities


The consult’s premises provide a suitable atmosphere for knowledge acquisition.

We offer computer-assisted learning facilities along with air-conditioned classrooms and comfortable seating. We have a stock of relevant up-to-date reading materials on the various courses we offer.

Our facilities

We also have washrooms to ensure the comfort of our students, with wireless internet for students who wish to do extra research.

For students who wish to make use of the internet connection via network cables, you will find that your needs have been well-catered for. We also have a wealth of research materials which the student can use for the purposes of learning and getting an edge in understanding more about what is taught.


Our tutors train students for the following exams.







Additionally we tackle the following exams : USMLE,MCAT,SOA,CFA, A Levels, IB, IELTS,and PSAT. Also, we coach students during the college application process.

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